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Our Story

In June 2012, the first TEDxKelowna was held and a number of social impact leaders shared their stories with an engaged and inspired Kelowna audience.  The event was the catalyst that led us to create a new organization that is focused on developing, fostering and supporting innovative and sustainable solutions to social problems.

Our Vision:

  • The Changemakers community consists of for-profit and non-profit businesses, government agencies and the general public
  • The power of business is leveraged to drive social change
  • All businesses successfully embed social purpose in their operations
  • Measurable progress can be seen on pressing social and environmental issues

We will achieve our Vision by:

Educating and Inspiring

  • Bringing forward ideas and stories of impact
  • Helping the community make sense of global trends

Building Community Connections

  • Providing opportunities for networking and collaboration

Advocating for Change

  • Taking a leadership role in sparking change

Staff & Board Members

Fraser Campbell
Sue Manzuik
Camille Jensen
Mary-Jane Slavin
Trina Speiser
Leanne Hammond
Andrew Greer
Sheldon Gardiner

Become a part of a growing community dedicated to creating positive social change. Be inspired. Get involved. Make a difference.

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