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What is ChangeUP?

ChangeUP: Innovating for Social Change is the third audience-voting pitch competition brought to you by Okanagan Changemakers.

On Thursday, November 2nd, a select number of organizations will have the opportunity to pitch live at the Kelowna Community Theatre in hopes of winning cash and in-kind services. The evening will recognize the best social impact initiatives in the Okanagan Valley and participants will benefit from interacting with a diverse and engaged audience.

This year, we are pleased to have entrepreneur Murad Al-Katib as our keynote speaker. Murad is the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of AGT Foods and Ingredients based in Saskatchewan

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Celebrate Social Entrepreneurship in the Okanagan Valley

Join us for an evening of inspired pitches and networking. Vote for your favourite social initiative via a real-time polling-system.

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Kelowna Community Theatre

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Downtown Kelowna

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Murad Al-Katib
Murad Al-KatibFounder of AGT Food and Ingredients, 2016 Global Entrepreneur of the Year - Ernst & Young
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Murad Al-Katib

Murad Al-Katib, is the founder of AGT Foods and Ingredients based in Saskatchewan.  Established in 2001, AGT is one of the world’s largest lentil companies, handling almost a quarter of the global supply.  AGT buys lentils and other pulses including peas, chickpeas, and faba beans from producers and sells them around the world. To date, Al-Katib’s company has 41 manufacturing facilities around the world, is selling to 120 countries, and is operating in five continents with approximately 2,200 full-time staff.

Under Murad’s leadership, AGT has delivered 700 million refugee meals made of Saskatchewan lentils, chickpeas and wheat into the United Nations Syrian refugee program.  “It’s an excellent thing that Canadian and Saskatchewan products are contributing to the food security we need,” said Al-Katib.  “We recognized that if we could innovate, we could help by bringing a lower cost to their program, which would allow them to feed millions more people.”   

Murad is one of four 2017 Honourees of the Oslo-based Business for Peace Foundation for his contribution to sustainable agriculture and for feeding millions of Syrian refugees.  He is the winner of Ernst & Young’s 2016 Global Entrepreneur of the Year, the second Canadian ever to be presented with this prestigious award, and also in 2016 was named Global Citizen Laureate by the United Nations Association in Canada.  

Growing up, Al-Katib’s parents always encouraged him to make a positive difference in his community.  Today, he has brought 650 jobs to Saskatchewan and continues to work with Canadian farmers.  AGT is continually growing due to Al-Katib’s entrepreneurial approach to sustainable agriculture, but he’s far from done. Join us on November 2nd, 2017 to hear Al-Katib’s story, learn about his work with the Syrian refugees, and how he has used his success to encourage positive change not only at home but around the world.  

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Be Inspired. Get Involved. Make a Difference.

Join us for an inspired evening and learn about the amazing social initiatives in the Okanagan Valley.
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Photos from ChangeUP 2015

Join Us at the Kelowna Community Theatre

November 2nd, 7pm

Apply to Pitch at ChangeUP

What are you waiting for?

We’re looking for the best social impact initiatives in the Okanagan Valley to join us on stage at ChangeUP. Here’s how it happens:

  1. Complete the on-line application by Saturday, September  30, 2017, 11:59 p.m. PDT.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by a team of community-minded evaluators.
  3. The top applicants will be notified by Wednesday, October 18 and asked to pitch to a live audience on November 2.
  4. The selected pitchers must attend a pitch workshop the last week of October.
  5. The audience, in real time, will vote for their favourites.

Apply for the opportunity to share your social venture with a captive audience, win cash and/or in-kind services for your organization, get access to Okanagan Changemakers’ network and idea jam facilitation, and above all, make connections with people who care.

If you think that you can pitch your organization in a compelling and engaging way, then apply to take the main stage!

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WHO Should Apply

Change Up: Innovating for Social Change is a live-audience pitch competition open to all individuals and organizations making social impact in the Okanagan Valley.


  • Individuals or organizations must be classified as either a For-Profit, Established Non-Profit and / or Registered Charity, Early Stage Grassroots, or Student Led Initiative;
  • Individuals or organization must be able to demonstrate the measurable, sustainable, and innovative qualities of their idea or business model and their actions;
  • Individuals or organizations must be operating within the Okanagan Valley;
  • Student based entries can be more idea based but need to demonstrate action taken to make our community stronger;
  • If you have previously pitched at ChangeUP 2015, we welcome your application, however you will need to demonstrate that something significant has changed within your organization and/or that you are operating from a different mandate or in a new venture.

Evaluation Criteria
Your application will be evaluated by a panel of judges. A small number of applicants will be invited to pitch on the main stage, November 2nd.

Social Impact: It’s all about being effective agents of positive social change. We need to be able to measure your social impact and understand how your actions are affecting the Okanagan community. Whether you’ve proven yourself on a small scale or have engaged thousands of people, we need to see how you measure and track your positive changes.

Sustainability: To be truly effective, you must plan to exist and grow well into the future. Tell us how you are financing your operations now and how you plan to do so in the future. Demonstrate how your partnerships and support networks will help you scale your operations. Success means that you are moving towards sustainability vs. relying entirely on donations and grants.

Innovation: The application of a new solution to an old problem is innovation. Maybe you haven’t reinvented the wheel, but have identified different approaches to strengthen the Okanagan and the challenges that exist. We like dreamers, but we also like do-ers and are especially fond of entries with the potential for large-scale replication to make a huge impact.

Collaboration: We really like to see effort going into something that increases impact, not overhead, particularly administrative overhead. When you can leverage other services and not recreate the wheel, we know you are focused on maximizing the service to your stakeholders.

In addition to this evaluation criteria, the judges will also look at your dynamic founders and/or additional team members.

*At the event, your pitch will be voted on by audience members via a real-time voting format. Audience members will have an opportunity to vote with their mobile devices.

Application Process

    1. Complete the on-line application by September 30, 2017, 11:59 p.m. PDT.
    2. Your application will be reviewed by a team of community-minded evaluators.
    3. The top applicants will be notified by Wednesday, October 18 and asked to pitch to a live audience on November 2nd.
    4. The selected pitchers must attend a pitch workshop the last week of October.

Accepted pitchers will be required to bring all presentation material to the main event November 2, 2017.

WHY You Should Apply

Individuals and organizations applying to compete in the 2017 ChangeUP 3 pitch event have the opportunity to:

      • Win cash and service-in-kind prizes to help you grow your organization and engage volunteers;
      • Broaden the awareness and public support for your idea or organization;
      • Connect with provincial and global networks through Okanagan Changemaker partnerships to help you scale;
      • Gain valuable feedback and constructive direction through pitch prep workshops by expert mentors.
Apply for ChangeUP!

Pitch your social initiative to an engaged and captive audience!

Win cash and professional services to accelerate your business.
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“The win at ChangeUp helped put MetroUP on the map and provided needed funding to help us move to the next level and expand our reach in the community. ”
Michael Wendland, Metro UP
Christian Brandt ChangeUP

“[ChangeUP] was a great way for us to get exposure… We managed to get some great partnerships with the city and other organizations.”

Christian Brandt, Okanagan Car Share Co-op
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