Ernst & Young’s 2016 Global Entrepreneur of the Year to visit Kelowna

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Okanagan Changemakers is thrilled to announce that Murad Al-Katib, the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of AGT Foods and Ingredients based in Saskatchewan, will be visiting Kelowna as the guest speaker of ChangeUP 3.

Murad is one of four 2017 Honourees of the Oslo-based Business for Peace Foundation for his contribution to sustainable agriculture and for feeding millions of Syrian refugees. He is the winner of Ernst & Young’s 2016 Global Entrepreneur of the Year, the second Canadian ever to be presented with this prestigious award, and also in 2016 was named Global Citizen Laureate by the United Nations Association in Canada.

Established in 2001, AGT is one of the world’s largest lentil companies, handling almost a quarter of the global supply. AGT buys lentils and other pulses including peas, chickpeas, and faba beans from producers and sells them around the world. To date, Al-Katib’s company has 41 manufacturing facilities around the world, is selling to 120 countries, and is operating in five continents with approximately 2,200 full-time staff.

Growing up, Al-Katib’s parents always encouraged him to make a positive difference in his community. Today, he has brought 650 jobs to Saskatchewan and continues to work with Canadian farmers.

Under Murad’s leadership, AGT has delivered 700 million refugee meals made of Saskatchewan lentils, chickpeas and wheat into the United Nations Syrian refugee program. “It’s an excellent thing that Canadian and Saskatchewan products are contributing to the food security we need,” said Al-Katib. “We recognized that if we could innovate, we could help by bringing a lower cost to their program, which would allow them to feed millions more people.” AGT is continually growing due to Al-Katib’s entrepreneurial approach to sustainable agriculture, but he’s far from done. Join us on November 2nd, 2017 to hear Al-Katib’s story, learn about his work with the Syrian refugees, and how he has used his success to encourage positive change not only at home but around the world.

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